Success stories

Mr. Amit Joglekar, Dombivli, India (Logistics / Marketing Executive)

Dear Mr. Datar,

Hope you are doing well. I just do not know how to express my words of thanks to you.

I have been writing this just to share my experience; it's now been four years almost and I am on the verge of getting citizenship. It is a dream!

I still remember the struggle I had been going through in just five years of my job at Mumbai; those crowded trains, the 3 hours of travelling to and fro from the office. It was pathetic, unimaginable and I thought there was no way out!

It was a matter of luck that I met you through Mr. Ganesh Deolekar. I am very thankful to him as he showed us the right path at the right time that led us to your company.

Regarding the job search after I came to Australia, it is hard in a city like Adelaide which is still small and getting a job in your own field can be a difficult task, but I was lukcy enough that after a rigorous job search I got it finally after six months.

Today I am doing really well and as you know I got married two years back and we are living a very good life style and that is all because of your support and guidance.

Indeed my decision of migration to Australia wasn't a bad idea.

Thanks once again.


Amit Joglekar

Mr. Vikrant Kelkar, Dombivli, India ( Chemical Engineer )

I am grateful to Mr. Chandrakant Datar for his services. He was extremely helpful in guiding us about the permanent residency application process and was always available to answer any questions, however small and numerous they were. I highly recommend him.

Vikrant Kelkar

Vikrant is now a successful property investor and SAP professional and has settled very happily with his young and growing family in Sydney

Mr. Girish Pohankar, Dombivli, India( Chartered Accountant )

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Chandrakant Datar for being so instrumental in helping us with our permanent visa application. His professional and personalised service made the visa process simple and a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend his name to anyone who is looking for permanent settlement in Australia.

Mr. Girish Pohankar

We also successfully completed the application for Mr. Girish Pohankar's younger brother Harshad and both of them now are happily settled in Sydney with their families